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What Can I Write For you?

Everyone. If you run a big business, small business, or you're self-employed, then you need a writer. Organizations, municipalities, schools, nonprofits, fundraising or political campaigns all need writers. If you create written content out of necessity, but you aren't satisfied with the product or results, then you need a writer. Everyone who has something to say to an audience needs a writer, and everyone should be reaching out to broaden their audience. 

Who Needs a Writer?

About Me

Graduate of Northeastern Illinois University 2004

  • ​10+ years experience in nonprofit management, fundraising & writing
  • 10+ years experience in business management, administration & writing
  • Creator & Former Blog Curator for Lakes Region Historical Society: Out of the Archives
  • Writer at Little Lake County 2011-2016

I have always loved to write. I have bins in my crawlspace stuffed full of my personal creations. Essays, stories, poems, journals, letters, you name it. Short of a novel, I've written it. For a long time, I hadn't considered pursuing a career as a writer. While working in real estate, the nonprofit sector, veterinary care, and business administration, I exercised different forms of writing. I found that any opportunity to compose became the best part of my workday. I broadened my horizons from creating personal content to creating content for others in a professional environment-and I loved it. The experience of listening to what someone needs to say, no matter how seemingly mundane or unfamiliar the topic, and creating a written product for them is the best part of my job as a freelance writer.